Thursday, April 29, 2010

A package came for me.

I discovered this Etsy shop on Twitter a few days ago. I loved Megan's prints so much that I ordered one immediately. How cute! Doesn't the couple look just like me and Steak?

We enjoy Mexican/Spanish meals on Thursdays.

Steak and I have a habit of always opting to eat out on Thursday nights at Mexican or Spanish restaurants. In the summer/fall of last year we frequented La Tasca in Clarendon for their half-priced pitchers of sangria on Thursdays. When the weather started to decline we began to find other options, like Baja Fresh, Lauriol Plaza, or Chipotle. For the last several months we've been getting coupons in the mail for Chevys and have been opting to eat out there. Tonight we used one of our coupons (buy one entree get one for 3.99) at Chevys. Yum. I love Mexican meals on Thursdays!

I danced w/ Screech today!

Today, my co-worker, CH and I were headed to the cupcake truck, Pinkie. While we were waiting in line for our delicious treats we spotted the Nationals mascot, Screech, across the way. He was outside Union Station with a camera crew messing around on a bicycle. We pointed, laughed, and continued on chatting. At one point we glanced up to see Screech crossing the street in our direction. We began laughing at his silly dance to his ridiculously ancient boom box. As I struggled with my Blackberry that was continually freezing to take a picture of the beloved eagle, Screech begins to walk closer and closer. Just as I snap the photo with glee I realize that Screech is now standing in front of me, boom box placed to the side, hand out and ready to dance. We twirl and twirl and he tires of me and reaches for CH's hand. She twirls and twirls and dips in front of the camera. Then with as much notice as our encounter began, our encounter ended as Screech left to cross the street in a different direction in search of new dance partners.

Later at work I googled Screech and stumbled upon his Facebook fan page. I "liked" the fan page and posted on his wall to thank him for the dance and to inquire as to what the film was going to be used for. Well, he says it will hopefully be shown at a baseball game next week on the big screen. 

Oh I do hope the MLBPA gives me tickets to that game! Here's hoping... fingers crossed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Urban Living

Diamond Family Dinner.

So I was blessed with two families: my biological family and my sorority diamond family. Lucky for me, my biological baby sister is in both! Too bad she's studying abroad in Ireland this semester and missing all the fun in DC. Europe just seems so boring, especially since I'm not there (sarcasm). 

Well I'm sorry little CJ, but life goes on without you and we had our last diamond family dinner of the school year (yes I'm graduated and still hanging out with college kids, it's no big deal). We went to our favorite restaurant, Founding Farmers, to celebrate OG's last semester before she leaves us to go abroad in Rome. (Don't go!)

Did I mention we're more than a little goofy?

I saw Indiana Jones yesterday.

No really, I did! Harrison Ford was eating lunch at the table next to me yesterday. My boss had just submitted his reply comments to this big FCC docket and wanted to celebrate. So he graciously took me, my co-worker and his business partner to lunch at Charlie Palmer Steak. I thought it was an extremely fancy and wonderful restaurant and all of my suspicions were confirmed when we looked over and saw Harrison Ford enjoying his lunch.

Here's some photo outtakes from this weekend. I love the picture of MS, even with a snarl on her face she's still a cutie!

Should we purchase any of our race photos?

My mom and I really like the two of me and Steak together and debating purchasing one of them. Thoughts?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Flowers

So I took the camera out again. I'm still pretty excited about it. It's really fun to use. Unfortunately I didn't venture out very far and only got more pictures of flowers like Legs took earlier.

You can click any photo to see it bigger.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Steak and I completed our first 10 mile race this morning in under 2 hours! Despite all the anxiety over the weather and the race and the intimidation factor of all the other runners, we managed to run under our goal time and run the entire time!

I'm so proud of us! I honestly can't believe the two people that dreaded the mile test in gym class could run for 10 miles in a row and feel great afterward!

Well, I'm so tired I can't see straight, so the picture updates will have to come tomorrow.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another DC food truck!

Food vans/trucks are definitely a new trend in the district. Remember the cupcake van? Well, Friday I spotted a pizza truck! Food is officially mobile all over our fine city.

free small frapp, free small frapp

Steak and I had a song stuck in our heads all last weekend: "free small frapp, free small frapp." McDonalds sent us a coupon book in the mail and that gave us the perfect excuse (not that we need one) to go to McDonalds. ☺

One of the coupons was for a free frappuccino, so of course we had to try one. And guess what, they're delicious!! 

Steak and I both got caramel. It was amazing. We've decided that McDonalds uses pure lard or magic in all of their food because, just like everything else, their frappuccino was better than any we've ever had.

How do they do it?!

That face = pure happiness.