Friday, April 16, 2010

The Big Pink Cupcake Truck

So the ice cream cupcake truck came by my office yesterday. No, I'm serious. DC now has its very own cupcake truck, err, van. It's hot pink to boot! 

I discovered this novelty when one of my older male co-workers spotted a crowd of well-dressed women on Capitol Hill standing by a street corner in a single file line. He was confused until he saw the hot pink van roll up. Then he was possibly more confused as to why all these women were waiting to purchase a cupcake out of a moving vehicle.

Well, my friends, my female co-worker and I quickly discovered the reason for the large line. The cupcakes were FREE this week! Only one per customer, but still. YUM!

Check out the van of goodness:

My co-worker, CH, got Red Velvet and I got classic chocolate. SO good. Here's CH posing with her treasure:

PS: We had to say "Spartacus" in order to receive our free cupcakes. hahaha. Well worth it!

Check out Curbside Cupcakes if you're located in the downtown area of DC.

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  1. It's cruel to make me want a cupcake when I can't get one!!