Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Diamond Family Dinner.

So I was blessed with two families: my biological family and my sorority diamond family. Lucky for me, my biological baby sister is in both! Too bad she's studying abroad in Ireland this semester and missing all the fun in DC. Europe just seems so boring, especially since I'm not there (sarcasm). 

Well I'm sorry little CJ, but life goes on without you and we had our last diamond family dinner of the school year (yes I'm graduated and still hanging out with college kids, it's no big deal). We went to our favorite restaurant, Founding Farmers, to celebrate OG's last semester before she leaves us to go abroad in Rome. (Don't go!)

Did I mention we're more than a little goofy?


  1. Olivia and are sitting together in Gelman right now "studying" for finals. Love all of the pictures!


  2. Good luck studying, lovely!! :)