Thursday, April 15, 2010

Function and Design

Steak and I get into many arguments regarding the function of an object vs. its design. Many of these fights occur within the walls of Ikea. I believe that everything should serve a purpose, but should also be atheistically pleasing. Steak, on the other hand, sees only the function of the object and not its overall appeal.

Take for example our new furniture for our balcony. It makes sense: two chairs for sitting and a table to place drinks and books while relaxing.

However, thanks to its attractive design it's also enticing and visually enjoyable. I think the fern adds a nice touch: a bit more homey-feeling.

This is what Steak wanted to put on our balcony:

(images from

Fine, cheap, but not great.

So thankfully, I got my way this time. I made a few compromises (like the window seat for the two end tables and old couch), but in the end I think it turned out great!

Here's a few images of some of our new furniture additions:

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