Thursday, April 29, 2010

I danced w/ Screech today!

Today, my co-worker, CH and I were headed to the cupcake truck, Pinkie. While we were waiting in line for our delicious treats we spotted the Nationals mascot, Screech, across the way. He was outside Union Station with a camera crew messing around on a bicycle. We pointed, laughed, and continued on chatting. At one point we glanced up to see Screech crossing the street in our direction. We began laughing at his silly dance to his ridiculously ancient boom box. As I struggled with my Blackberry that was continually freezing to take a picture of the beloved eagle, Screech begins to walk closer and closer. Just as I snap the photo with glee I realize that Screech is now standing in front of me, boom box placed to the side, hand out and ready to dance. We twirl and twirl and he tires of me and reaches for CH's hand. She twirls and twirls and dips in front of the camera. Then with as much notice as our encounter began, our encounter ended as Screech left to cross the street in a different direction in search of new dance partners.

Later at work I googled Screech and stumbled upon his Facebook fan page. I "liked" the fan page and posted on his wall to thank him for the dance and to inquire as to what the film was going to be used for. Well, he says it will hopefully be shown at a baseball game next week on the big screen. 

Oh I do hope the MLBPA gives me tickets to that game! Here's hoping... fingers crossed.

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