Sunday, April 18, 2010

Urbana Brunch

I discovered Urbana, a quaint little restaurant west of Dupont circle, when I was invited to a sorority sister's birthday dinner. Since then I have tried to find any excuse to visit: graduation dinner, birthday dinner, wine night w/ girl friends. I spoke of the restaurant so frequently that my parents noted my passion for this Mediterranean cuisine hot spot and graciously bought me a gift certificate for Christmas. Last night, when I discovered my volunteer shift at the hotline had been cancelled, Steak and I immediately decided to put the gift to good use and try Urbana's "Bottomless Bellini" brunch for the first time.

It was delicious! The bottomless Bellinis were so much fun. You went up to the wine bar and selected from a wide variety of juices and purees, I liked the strawberry puree the best, and then the waiter would top off your glass with some bubbly, my very good friend, Prosecco.

The food was to die for: Steak had steak and eggs, how appropriate, and I had blueberry pancakes with bananas and a side of sausage. Yum!

First round of the Bellinis w/ Steak posing in the background.

Round 2: Mango Bellinis.

Steak's ergonomically designed coffee cup.

Happy couple after a delicious brunch.

These pictures were taken from my Nikon Coolpix camera, not the DSLR, and we're terribly sorry we forgot to take photos of our food, but we were far too hungry to pause. :)


  1. But mostly Steak and Legs enjoy laughing together and eating great food. If you ever need dining companions, we're your go-to couple!

    Well 'Go-To Couple'....can't wait to see you this week and feed you as well! Hugs, Aunt Jill
    PS - Love the Blog...more informative than Chelsea's!

  2. Those cups are cool!!!! I wish I was drinking from one at this moment ! ...but then I would have to sacrifice drinking from my fav. coffee cup that I am drinking tea from. It has a cowboy passed out on his horse and his dog riding in front holding he reins. The cup says "Designated Driver" Albuquerque New Mexico.