Thursday, April 29, 2010

We enjoy Mexican/Spanish meals on Thursdays.

Steak and I have a habit of always opting to eat out on Thursday nights at Mexican or Spanish restaurants. In the summer/fall of last year we frequented La Tasca in Clarendon for their half-priced pitchers of sangria on Thursdays. When the weather started to decline we began to find other options, like Baja Fresh, Lauriol Plaza, or Chipotle. For the last several months we've been getting coupons in the mail for Chevys and have been opting to eat out there. Tonight we used one of our coupons (buy one entree get one for 3.99) at Chevys. Yum. I love Mexican meals on Thursdays!


  1. What a great routine! I love mexican food and especially love sangria. I should incorporate it into my weekly schedule too.


  2. Isn't La Tasca sooo delicious!? We went there the other night with 6 other people and had a coupon for 50%.. amazing!

  3. I love Chevy's Tex Mex - our family has a tradition of seeing a movie at Ballston and getting Chevy's every Christmas Eve.

  4. That's the best Christmas Eve tradition I've ever heard of! I need to implement that w/ my family in IL.