Thursday, April 15, 2010

What I'm going to spend my money on...

I like technology... A lot...

There's a lot going on right now as far as mobile computing goes. I want everything. Unfortuantely I've been told that money does not grow on trees. This means that I actually have to figure out what is good and what is bad and I can't just buy everything I see.

A few things have me very excited right now. Miraculously enough, neither are Apple products. If you haven't heard of the devices I'm about to share, you should do some research.

I've had an iPhone 3G since launch day. I waited in line for hours to be one of the first people to get it and was extremely excited! I even had a nightmare the night before that I was tricked into buying a BlackBerry. Haha. Shortly after I Jailbroke my iPhone and realized how great the already good platform was! I've invested 2 years into getting my iPhone working just the way I wanted it, but it's time to upgrade. Many iPhone users would just wait for the next iPhone to come out, but I'm going to make Apple work for my money and so is HTC.

While many people won't even realize it, the iPhone is a very closed platform and I don't think it caters well to Open Source or personal use developers like me. I don't want to pay Apple $99/year just so I can write my own apps for my own phone. This wouldn't be too big an issue though if the iPhone was hands down the best phone out there. The best phone that is currently announced is the Sprint EVO 4G.

This phone is just a beast! It's got a HUGE screen. All HD. HDMI out. 720p video recording. TWO cameras! A flash. 4G speeds. All that just to name a few of the features. As for an operating system it's running Android. If you didn't know, Android, much like the iPhone OS, allows users to download "Apps" to their devices so they can do things that a normal phone would not have the ability to. It's not as clean looking as the iPhone OS but it's advancing much faster. Apple makes a major update about once a year where as Android (made by Google) is updated much more frequently.

That's probably the most exciting thing on the horizon.

Next I'd like to talk about tablets/slates/pads... The iPad has underwhelmed me. I have an iPhone. I don't need a bigger one. I also have an EeePC 900 netbook so I don't need another netbook either. What I do ne... well... what I can convince myself I need is a Lenovo U1. It's just like a netbook. Small, portable, netbook processor and all... but you can remove the screen and it converts into a multitouch tablet just like the iPad! It even switches the processor over into a mobile processor like the iPad and the EVO 4G have (actual exactly the same as the EVO 4G) to operate as a tablet. The tablet portion even looks like the iPad! Did they copy Apple? Hell no! They announced it a week before! I can't even look at the iPad and call it innovative when I know that this computer exists.

That's my quick little rant on upcoming tech. I'm tired and not a very good writer so I'm sorry if you've read this.

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  1. You ARE a good writer, you didn't rant and I still want an IPad