Friday, May 21, 2010

Geek Toys

So I've been browsing for a while now. Think of it as a website full of dorky toys for nerds. My kinda store. They have things that light up, things that beep and all kinds of computer toys. I'm going to cover a few of the things that I've been watching for a while but have not yet sprung for.

This guy, the Phantom Keystroker V2 is the best office/home computer prank. It looks like a little USB stick but you adjust the settings and plug it into the victim's computer and then wait for them to become frustrated. The device randomly moves the mouse, toggles caps lock on and off and types random stuff. You can even set a delay between random events to just long enough that they go crazy trying to figure out what's going on. ThinkGeek

Meet the USB Doomsday Device Hub. It's cool just because how extremely over the top it is. For $50 bucks you get a metal box with several switches a key lock, flashing lights and a big red button. Does it do anything? I don't know. All I know is that I want to push it! It can apparently be used as a 4 port USB hub as well, if you're into that sort of thing... ThinkGeek

Who thinks keyboards are boring? Umm, not this one. THe Luxeed U5 Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard may be one heck of a mouthful, but it sure is mesmerizing! The lights work and can be programed to shine in a number of patterns. I know if I had this during college I'd hardly made any progress on my late nights programming or writing papers. I have a keyboard for all of my computers, but this one is just too cool to not want, even if it is $140-$150. ThinkGeek

Not only am I a big fan of computers and all things nerdy, but I'm a pretty big music fan. The T-Qualizer shirt is the perfect shirt for anyone into concert going and nerdy enough to wear a shirt that requires 4 AAA batteries. Basically the shirt reacts to the volume of sounds around the wearer and the bars move reflecting the ambient noises. How cool is that? I wonder if I could wear this on an airplane... doubtful. ThinkGeek

There is definitely some cool stuff on that site. If you're as geeky as me, you now have a fun site to kill time on at work! Excuse me while I try to justify buying these toys.


  1. Great finds - that phantom keystroker sounds pretty evil. I'd love to try that out on a few choice coworkers

  2. Great to find another Clarendon blogger. I've linked to yours from mine, And my personal blog is at

    That doomsday device hub is "the bomb." Definitely onto my wish list!