Friday, May 14, 2010

Movie Night

It's raining in DC tonight. It has also been a very long work week for both me and Steak, which makes it the perfect night for a movie! I picked up lots of movie candy at CVS along with some wine and beer and popped some popcorn, in order to prepare to watch The Invention of Lying in our apartment building's movie theater.

Tonight was the first night we used the theater in our building. After this pleasant experience, I think we'll be visiting more often.


  1. That's so cool that you have a movie theater in your building!!! I want one!!! Sounds like the perfect night in. How was The Invention of Lying?


  2. Whoa!!!! what building do you live in!?!?!? Nick and I are looking for places!!!

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  4. Thanks for the info! Do they have 1-bedrooms? Nick and I are looking in Arlington because of his commute to work (He works in Herndon). Do you like Arlington? I think it seems pretty perfect in terms of being so close but also being able to get to VA cities for work. I work from home so I can live anywhere.

    I'm trying to get Nick to move to Georgetown but the rent plus car space is soo $$$$$$$.


  5. oh.. do they rent at your place? or just own? :)

    sorry for all the q's

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