Sunday, May 16, 2010

Northside Social

I'm a little afraid to post about my new coffeehouse find, because it's so wonderful (and already SO crowded due to its greatness) that I sort of want to keep it to myself. However, I know I must share the love with my friends, so let me introduce you to the new coffeehouse in Clarendon, Northside Social.

My beyond amazing smoked salmon sandwich.
Steak's ham and sauerkraut sandwich.
Wine at a coffee shop. What could be better?
Split pea soup.
White bean soup.
Our local gem.

Steak and I had been running past this empty building all winter. By the time spring rolled around we noticed that the building was being renovated into a coffehouse. Finally, in April we ran by and noticed that Northside Social was officially open for business. Last weekend we decided to walk our usual running route in order to stop in all the places we pass. We stopped in to discover a wonderful coffeehouse with lots of seating, inside and out, wine, beer and fresh baked breads. Unfortunately, we had eaten at another local cafe that we always run by so we just grabbed some drinks. The drinks were amazing and we were impressed by the fact that they created a heart in the foam of Steak's latte. We knew we had to stop back to try the food and the wine. So glad we did! This place is wonderful. They also sell local artists' photography and they are hosting local bands on select Saturday nights. Can't wait to go back soon!


  1. Great review and pictures! I was at Northside today too, must have been there later in the day since I don't see myself in the picture out front =)

    Glad to see they are still drawing shapes in the foam latte's like Murky's did.

  2. Wow this looks really amazing!

  3. Sooo excited to see and read this post! My husband and I used to go to Murky and have been meaning to go to Northside Social since it opened :) I was definitely planning on having some wine and coffee, but so happy to hear the food is so good as well! Nikki, this is so close to us - we'll go next time you guys are here!!

  4. I am moving to Arlington in two weeks and can't wait to visit Northside Social (along with everything else that Arlington has to offer). Thanks for the review.

  5. Steak's sandwich looked a little burned to me.

  6. Annie - You have to try the soups! We didn't see them on the menu at first but they were beyond delicious.

    Rob - Welcome to the neighborhood! You'll love it. PS: I used to live outside of Cleveland!

    Willie - Yea, it did looked burnt, but he said it was good.