Thursday, May 20, 2010

red mango

So, apparently this is a week of firsts. And this might be my favorite first ever. Ready for it... CLARENDON HAS ITS FIRST FRO-YO PLACE! Victory! Victory!

"Red mango" opened tonight in downtown Clarendon, right next door to the Lululemon store. They had all their employees outside greeting their customers in the store's colors, red and white. They had samples of white peach and pomegranate fro-yo that were both quite tasty. They also had ice tea samples and yogurt samples. All were incredibly yummy.

So new they have a temporary sign outside.
All the employees giving out free samples.
Wall art.
Fruit selection.
Wall art.
The store's interior.
The wonderful menu.

So, everyone should get excited, because it has finally happened. We no longer have to travel to the hipster areas of Dupont and Georgetown to buy our fro-yo. Today is a great day.

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