Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stressing Over Closet Space

This past Sunday I spent 8 hours cleaning out my closet. I hadn't touched my closet since Steak and I moved into our apartment last May. Just like last year I eliminated 3 large garbage bags worth of clothes from my wardrobe and donated them to charity. 

Each time I clean out my closet I find clothes that I haven't seen since the last big purge. Why? Because I can barely see what clothes I have! For the past four years I've lived in tiny dorm rooms with next to no closet space, trying to jam years worth of clothing into four small dresser drawers. Now, I live with Steak and we share a small closet and I'm still cramming the majority of my clothes into four small dresser drawers.

But now I found a solution! In February my friend CS sent me a link to It's an amazing website where you can upload pictures of all your clothes, style them, and create packing lists for trips. Now I can keep track of the clothes I have and let no shirt go unworn.

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