Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today, Steak and I met up with some very old friends of ours. They're originally from Illinois like us. The guy moved out to DC two years ago for a job offer and then enrolled in law school at GMU. The girl went to high school with me, college with Steak (she's the reason I met Steak in the first place) and is currently in vet school at UofI. She's actually dating the guy at GMU, so she accepted a job offer in Alexandria in order to be with him this summer.

We were really excited by the idea of a pig roast in Clarendon so we headed over to Restaurant 3 to enjoy some pulled pork sandwiches and drinks.

Preparing the pulled pork sandwiches street side.
A slab of pork ribs.
My bacon bloody mary and Steak's Bells Ale.
The sandwich.
After the 4pm meal, fro-yo at Red Mango and a trip to our apartment to watch Almost Famous, our two friends said goodbye and Steak and I ventured back into Clarendon for more food!
Amazing pizza from Faccia Luna.
Me and my gelato, because I just can't get enough ice cream / fro-yo / gelato in the summertime. 


  1. Nice - looks like an awesome day. Faccia Luna also has good lunch deals if you're ever in Clarendon on a weekday. Too bad I missed the pig roast though!

  2. Omg bacon bloody mary! thats crazy!
    I had a few bloody mary's myself this weekend:)
    the pizza looks awesome and I love your romper. Very Cute!


  3. I really like your sunglasses!