Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things I really want right now...

It's really hard having a December birthday, because every year, right around this time, I start accumulating a list of things I'd really like, but am unlikely to buy for myself. Sadly, come December I can't remember any of the things I was desperately wishing for in May / June. This year, however, I do hope to acquire a few of the things I have on my list.

Jillian Michaels' new cookbook. I'm obsessed with her. Biggest Loser is one of my favorite shows on television and I cannot wait for her "Losing it with Jillian." I really wish she'd do a show for average size people who need to kick a McDonalds habit.

Michael Kors watch. I already have a silver one that I wear constantly, but I need a weekend version of my beloved watch.

Steve Madden Trackks wedges. I'm obsessed with wedges this season and I only have one pair. These really speak to me. I just can't decide which color I like more.

Tyrant Collection necklace and/or bracelet. I've been eying the disk necklaces for awhile now, but I love their new nautical summer collection of braided bracelets.

The new Polaroid camera. And no, it has nothing to do with Gaga.

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