Thursday, June 10, 2010


So last night I bought the EVO online. For those that don't know, I made a few posts about it already.

I held off on getting it until the iPhone was announced, but now that it has been I decided to go for it. I'm just waiting for the store I got it from to get it in stock. The phone is sold out everywhere! I'll write back with more details soon.

Legs and I have been pretty busy this week with work and other obligations. Hopefully the two of us can get out together with our camera and take some pictures and see if we can find anything new and exciting.

Legs' Edit: We will be doing something exciting this evening. Tonight kicks off the start of DCweek. We are headed to the opening party as guest bloggers. We'll be posting from the event with pictures and comments. Hope to see some of you there!


  1. That's awesome steak - I don't know how I live in the 21st century without a smart phone. I should get on that stat.

    And legs - how do you find out about all this stuff? (DCweek) I only find out these things are happening after the fact! Have fun out there

  2. Lol, I must admit that Twitter is the source of most of my information. :)