Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Funny antedotes from this weekend.

You dropped your pocket:

On Sunday, CJ, LR, Steak and I traveled to Kramers Books in Dupont Circle. After a hot, loud and amusing brunch we ventured back across the circle towards our metro stop. Half way across the street on the opposite side of the circle, a (relatively normal-looking) man shouted to LR: "You dropped something!" His voice was so creepy, however, that no one believed he was telling the truth. After a moment of staring at the ground in search of the supposed dropped item I got fed up as I watched the counter tick closer and closer to zero. "Sir, what did she drop?" I demanded. The articulate gentlemen responded, "your pocket," in the most creepy voice imagineable. At this point I was completely flabergasted and didn't know how to respond. Before I knew it, as I ran across the street, I shouted, "Are you on drugs?!" for the entire world to hear.


Sunday afternoon, LR invited me, sister CJ, and Steak to visit her new apartment in Rosslyn. After a quick look around, LR offered to drive the four of us back to my place since it was so hot. We got in the elevator and LR proceeded to explain how close her parking spot was to the elevator and how lucky she was to have such a coveted spot. Steak (of course) challenged her, suggesting that she should direct him to the car while he closed his eyes in order to prove how accessible the parking space was to the elevator. As the elevator came to a stop Steak proceeded to close his eyes. He began walking out of the elevator, blind to the world, when LR, CJ, and I noticed a young man outside the door. Before we could say anything Steak began walking into this man, eyes closed, arms out like Frankenstein. This was when we noticed we weren't even in the garage yet. We were still on floor 4! The 3 of us girls burst out laughing as Steak realized what was going on. The elevator doors began to shut with us 3 still inside and the 2 guys trying to figure out what was happening outside. Between breathless giggles, we managed to re-open the doors, only to have them shut again after Steak got in, leaving our new friend to question, "Can I get in?" We finally got the doors opened a third time and our new confused friend entered our cramped elevator that included LR balled up on the floor in stitches. We tried to explain to him what had happened, but no one could get the words out between the laughs.