Tuesday, June 29, 2010

La Tasca: Round 2

This past Friday, Steak and I took my sister CJ to La Tasca in Clarendon. We had a wonderful meal and two pitchers of sangria (which I only had 1 glass of, because I had a bit too much to drink on Thursday night). We watched Flamenco dancers, which was nice, but not as nice as the half priced pitchers of sangria they have on Thursday nights. After dinner we walked home and stopped in Best Cellars on the way so CJ could make her first legal alcohol purchase. Happy 21st, sister!

PS: The picture quality doesn't seem to be as good as normal. I think it may be because I'm using a different computer (a much inferior computer) than we normally use to import and edit.


  1. Hmmm about the picture quality. Has the problem gone away? Sometimes I have my camera on a setting, and forget about it, which ruins a whole day of shooting until I remember that I screwed around with the settings.

    And I LOVE the patatas bravas.

  2. I think the originals are fine. I think the just got compressed too much when uploading. I may try to set things up with Flickr finally if something.