Tuesday, June 8, 2010


For the past 8 weeks I've been playing on a skeeball league in Rosslyn on Tuesday nights after work. I used to be on a kickball league in DC (yes, I'm a typical post-college grad), but I didn't like the competitive nature, especially since I was terrible at kickball. Skeeball is much more my speed. It's a sport I can actually improve at and succeed at and it is hosted in an indoor, air-conditioned bar. I can drink my extra dirty martinis with no shame. 

Tonight was our last game of the spring season. We finished the season with a win, which was a big victory considering it was only our second win of the season. My sorority sisters and I are thrilled to be participating in the summer skeeball league that begins July 27th. If anyone is interested in joining the fun, let me know! The more the merrier!


  1. I didn't know they had Skeeball leagues! I don't know if they have anything like that here, it sounds so fun!

  2. That sounds so fun! I didn't even know they had skeeball leagues. I agree, that's a sport I can get on board with. You're so funny with the AC and dirty martinis. Sounds like such a fun way to spend a Tuesday night!


  3. Oh cool - is that at Continental? That's usually where my office ends up for happy hour if we're too lazy to trek up the hill to the clarendon area

  4. Yes it is! :) Our season just ended, but we start back up on July 27th and play every Tuesday until late September. Maybe we'll run into each other! Or you're always welcome to join. :)