Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Smartphone Market

Because the fact that HTC and Motorola come out with so many devices is why we have a competitive cell phone market. If every company did what apple did this would be our cell phone market:

You would choose At&t and use the Apple Phone
Or Sprint and would use the HTC Phone
Or Verizon and would use the Motorola Phone
Maybe T-Mobile would have the LG Phone.

Other carriers? Good luck getting an exclusive contract!

Apple is in a good position. They can sit back and do what they want because the market doesn't really rely on them. Also, the fact that these other companies release so many new phones with new features and improving features is why the iPhone exists as it does. Every iteration of phones improves technology. If companies had one phone a year we'd all still be using flip phones and Apple would have no fancy smart phone patents to license and there'd be no iPhone. So not only was this necessary to get where we are now, but it's even important now. Last year around this time, nothing really was released to challenge the iPhone 3G... what did Apple do? They released the sorry excuse for "innovation", the iPhone 3G. Now that the Nexus One, Incredible, Droid, Hero, and EVO came out in '09, Apple was forced to step up the game for the iPhone 4 to stay relevant.

As said though, because of their position they can focus all development on their single platform to produce a beautiful OS and Phone.

I'm glad Apple is there doing what they do, but I'm also glad we have companies like HTC and Motorola pumping out competitive devices.

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