Monday, August 23, 2010

A Full Fridge

After months of traveling on the weekends and having dinner dates throughout the weeks, Steak and I came home to a barren refrigerator. We ordered Chinese take-out on Friday night, but after that we'd had enough of restaurant meals and fast-food. So this weekend we spent our time at the Courthouse Farmers market, Cosco and Whole Foods restocking our fridge for our first week at home.

We love the farmers market!

Oh and did I mention that Steak bought a 1/12 of a cow? Yea, he did! His co-worker's family has a farm and they were selling a cow in quarters. Steak and 2 of his co-workers purchased one of these quarters to share. Talk about buying local!

And of course what is a trip to the farmers market without some fresh flowers? But I have a confession: I think I like the plant I bought at Cosco more. I'll share pictures of my new love tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a very nice weekend!


  1. LOVE the farmers markets by us! I finally got to the Courthouse one a couple of weeks ago.. You have to come to Ballston's on Thursdays if you haven't yet :)

  2. I'll definitely be going to that one. I'm moving to a new office right next door to the market in Ballston.