Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Late Night

Steak and I had a late night out in Arlington this evening. I went out with my girlfriends A and J at Northside Social with the fabulous DC blogger, DateMeDC. We had such a wonderful time at the upstairs wine bar. DateMeDC is such a cutie and smart, witty and hilarious. I enjoy reading her blog daily, but I enjoyed drinking wine with her and gossiping about men even more. I wish for two things: (1) that we hang out with her many more times and (2) she gets a book deal ASAP! I would upload that thing immediately to my Kindle and never look back. Then I would hope and pray for a second and third edition to come out and then a movie in her likeness!

After we said goodbye to our new friend (I invited her along, I promise), A, J and I headed over to Bailey's in the Ballston Common Mall to meet up with Steak and his work friends. I tried to do some match making, but I failed. Steak's friends are way to chill and non-aggressive. Any aggressive girls out there looking for love?

Anyways, I enjoyed a cherry beer (random, I know, Steak's friend picked it out) and some nice conversation with the male consultants and then headed home 2 hours too late. Due to my tardiness I'm too exhausted to write a full post about my vacation. So here is another picture teaser: BUTTER BEER.


  1. Awww, you guys are great! I had fun, too!

  2. Wine at Northside - so fun! :) I think we might go this weekend..

    Butter Beer - sounds very interesting. Cherry Beer - definitely sounds delicious :)

  3. You must go this weekend! And if I may make a recommendation, we all enjoyed the first Pinot Noir on the list (I believe from Australia) very much and it was one of the cheaper glasses. :D