Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My First Wedding

Ok, so I lied. It was actually my second wedding, but I was 3 or 4 years old passing out balloons at the first one. Also, this felt like a first because it was my first Jewish wedding. Most of my wedding memories come from movies and none of them included Jewish traditions, which, by the way, made the wedding way more fun!

Steak was particularly excited because they passed out Yarmulkes (I Googled the spelling... I think that's right). Steak has this running argument that he is actually Jewish, which isn't exactly the case. His grandfather is Jewish, but the rest of his family does not practice the religion. Despite all this, Steak felt right at home at the wedding. 

The venue was beautiful. It was at a country club on a lake in Wisconsin. I love water. 

The bride is a good friend of mine from college. We went through recruitment together in the same group. We ended up in different sororities, but came together again junior year to host recruitment as a part of Panhellenic. She was the VP of Recruitment and I was the Head Recruitment Counselor. After that we became very close and ended up having two classes together senior year, which turned into study dates, dinner get-togethers, Desperate Housewives watch parties, and a trip to the Inaugural Ball.

The wedding was even more fun, because my old roomie, Eri, was there to entertain me all night!

 Eri and her bf at dinner
 My view at dinner.
 Toasting with Steak at dinner.
 My selection of wine for the night.
 My delicious salmon.
 Steak and I at dinner.

After dinner we went to the reception and found the most amazing candy table. I was so full, but thankfully they provided little take-home boxes for all the candy my heart desired.

Eri found an even better use for it: gummy worms in champagne!

And here Eri and I are digging into the candy. Steak found it so funny that he had to take this picture.


  1. Wow that looked like so much fun - I haven't seen weddings that separate the dinner from the reception - its a cool idea!

  2. Looks like a fun night!! You look gorgeous - love that dress!