Friday, August 13, 2010

Orlando Day 2: Part 1

On Monday, the second day of my family vacation, my Uncle J and my cousin M came and met us in Orlando. They live in Jacksonville, only a few hours away. We went to Islands of Adventures again so that my cousin M could see the Harry Potter World.

After one quick attraction we headed to Mythos for lunch. It was voted the #1 Theme Park Food in the world. And I would have to agree, outside of Epcot in Disney World the food was pretty spectacular.

Here are some shots from the gorgeous restaurant, Mythos:

And here is the delicious food I ate: crab sliders, potato and watermelon and tomato salad. Pardon the bites, I was starving!

After lunch we headed right over to Harry Potter World.

Here's CJ in front of Hogwarts:

Although the butter beer was great, I had to try the pumpkin juice on the second day. Very refreshing and fun. Like a cold apple cider with the aroma of pumpkin.

Here's my mom, Uncle and cousin M enjoying their butter beers:

We stayed in Harry Potter World long enough to ride the scary ride one more time, check out the shop fronts and drink our juices. Then we had to get the heck out of there because it was so crowded. We didn't get far, just over to Jurassic Park before we realized the entire park was entirely too crowded and hot.

We had to take one more picture of CJ with the Hulk ride that she conquered!

After we took these photos on the bay we made a bee-line for the exit. We tried to go on a few more rides before we left but everything had over an hour wait and cousin M had a guitar lesson to get to. 

On Monday I will be back to share the rest of my Orlando adventure. But for now I have to run to bed so I can finish packing in the morning and head to work on time. I have a wedding to get to this weekend in Wisconsin and I'm completely unprepared. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!