Friday, August 6, 2010

San Diego Again

So while Legs is still on vacation I'll post a bit more about our last trip to San Diego so I can pretend I'm somewhere nice too! The office I work at is about 80 degrees all day.

My parents are on the verge of moving to San Diego. They bought a house out there near Del Mar a couple years back and have been renting it out ever since. This summer was the first time I'd ever seen it! The tenants had just moved out so the house was barren. The only furniture we had where a fold-out table and some collapsable chairs. This didn't really matter since we were still in California and enjoying our vacation!

The best part about my parents new house is the location. Every day we went on a long walk through the streets or preserves/beaches near by. The first day there we went out on this bluff less than a block from my parents new house and I took these pictures.


The view from the bluff. The ocean is back there but it was pretty overcast.


My parents showing Legs the view of Del Mar.


A close up of our new little dog Mika!


Just thought this was a kind of fun picture I took in my parents neighborhood.

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  1. Looks like a great trip!

    Have a nice weekend!