Tuesday, August 3, 2010

San Diego in Pictures

So I was going to write a story about part of the trip Legs and I took to San Diego a couple weeks ago but I got overwhelmed sifting through pictures (I took 596 between the DSLR and my phone).

So what I've done is upload all the pictures that I thought might be fun to look at and I put them in an album.


  1. Nice you've got some really beautiful shots in there!

    What lens were you using for the close-up flower pictures?

  2. Thanks! I had some pictures that could definitely have been better but were not exposed correctly. I should have shot in RAW like you've shown but I was already low on storage.

    I can't remember for sure what lens I used, but I think it was the 18-55.

  3. These pics are great! I love how you posted all of them like this - nice work, Legs will be proud :)

  4. These photos are awesome!! Way nicer than looking at them on the small display screen on the camera. I'm glad you put them up in a slide show format! And yes, I am proud. :D