Thursday, September 16, 2010

Burger Fun

Now that Steak has his 1/12 of a cow we are eating a lot of burgers. I can't complain because they are so delicious and fresh and he grills mine with lots of garlic. Plus I picked up bean sprouts at Whole Foods the other day and they are the perfect addition to any sandwich or burger!


  1. I love the idea of cooking the burger with lots of garlic and adding the bean sprouts on top - soooooooo delicious and healthy! I'm really going to miss really red tomatoes like that..
    Hope you guys have a great day!! :)

  2. Yea, it's sad to say goodbye to tomatoes. This was the only nice looking one at the farmers market last weekend. :(

  3. Holy cow (no pun intended) this looks amazing!!! So fresh and good!!

    And might I add the grilled cheese before it looks mighty tempting. It's 10am and I think I'm ready for lunch and dinner all rolled into one. :)


  4. I have to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was at Ballston's market last night - we came home with a ton of REALLY red and delicious tomatoes!!