Monday, September 6, 2010

Date Day

Steak and I make a point of having several dates a month. It's so easy to forget to spend time with the person you live with because you see them on a daily basis, but we make a point to clear our schedules at least once a week to spend time in or out of our apartment by ourselves. 

Today was one of those days! We knew we had chores to do (aka the destruction zone that is our apartment), so we decided to make a day of it. We had brunch at Northside Social and then took a nice long walk and did a little window shopping in Clarendon. We even hit up the pool! Of course once we got home the cleaning began, but we were very happy to be cleaning after watching a terrible episode of Hoarders.


Northside Social = LOVE


  1. You two are so adorable! Keep the dates up, it definitely helps the relationship!

  2. i pretty much just want to be you

  3. i pretty much just want to be you

  4. Awww so fun!
    We were at Northside Saturday! I was looking around in case you guys might be there. haha I had my eye on the same treat you got, but we ended up going with a apricot date scone (still warm) - delicious :)

    Hope you have a great day! xo

  5. What a great idea, having a "date day"! And sounds like it was really fun. The food looks amazing. Gabe and I try to have date nights when we can, but I'm going to try a date day soon, thanks to your post. :)


  6. Hi! I linked to your blog through Olivia's at Casually Defined. Ya'll are adorable! I was quickly scanning through your most recent posts and once my eyes fell on that delicious quiche I just KNEW that you'd made a stop at the Northside Social in Arlington. I'm looking forward to reading more!