Saturday, September 11, 2010

DC Fashion's Night Out

On Friday I went with my new friends, Two If By DC and Casually Defined, to Fashion's Night Out in Georgetown. We had a blast. I got new shoes, free wine and cheese, and met a lot of fun girls in the process. There was even a celebrity encounter!

In my humble opinion, Vineyard Vines had the best celebration. They had an open bar, free whale hats and tons of cheese and crackers.
A lot of the stores were disappointing and didn't even have any discounts on their merchandise (I'm looking at you, J. Crew). So the best part of the entire night was going to the Peacock Cafe, getting free glasses of champagne and having an amazing dinner with new friends.

And guess who was also at the Peacock Cafe... the Real Housewives of DC!

After hours of dining and shopping, me and Two If By DC met our men back at her place. We then decided to continue our night and go dancing with my friends at Blackfinn. We had an amazing time. I found out Two If By DC likes to dance as much as I do! And I was so happy that The Lux List and her bf were at Blackfinn as well. Steak loves The Lux List's bf and they always have such a great time together. All in all the night was a complete success!

Don't these hats suit us?


  1. im jealous :( food law wishes she were there to play...

  2. You two are so cute together, love the hats!

  3. hahaha great hats! looks like such a fun night!