Friday, September 24, 2010

Disney Cruise Memories: Nassau

On our 4th day aboard the ship we docked in Nassau in the Bahamas. We had an awesome excursion planned that sister CJ had picked out for us. We were going to meet sea lions at the Blue Lagoon! CJ had picked out the excursion to meet a sea lion named PJ she had seen on YouTube.

The Blue Lagoon is beautiful. We had been to their beach once before when we were little.

This way to the Sea Lions!

Before we could go into the water with PJ, we had to take a special class on Sea Lion safety.

Sadly, we couldn't take any personal pictures of our sea lion encounter, but I can assure you I kissed and hugged a sea lion that day.

Back on the cruise ship, it was Pirate Night aboard the Disney Wonder. We had a wonderful pirate themed meal and then we went to the deck party where Disney literally shot off fireworks over the ocean!

Enjoy this clip of Mickey saving the cruise ship guests from Captain Hook!

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  1. Pretty pics... too bad you couldn't take pics with the sea lions, but so fun you did that!!