Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Heart Pupatella

Last night Steak and I took our friend Nikhil to our favorite pizza joint, Pupatella. After a long day of outlet mall shopping we were starved so we each got our own pizza. Steak got the pizza of the day, a seafood pizza, I got the tomato and artichoke pizza (pictured above), and Nikhil played it safe with a margarita pizza.

While we were ordering, Anastasiya Laufenberg, co-owner of Pupatella, came out and introduced herself to us. Apparently she reads our little blog! We were thrilled! 

When our pizzas came out Anastasiya presented me with a specially made heart-shaped pizza. Her business partner, Enzo Algarme, had made the pizza for me! It was such a treat to meet both of them, shake their hands, and enjoy their amazing food. Thank you so much Anastasiya and Enzo for another wonderful experience at your delightful restaurant.

Nikil and I. He's definitely enjoying his first experience at Pupatella.

Enzo presenting the delicious heart-shaped pizza.

Ready to dig in!
Steak's amazing seafood pizza.


  1. ok first off I love your blog title and that heart pizza is pretty much perfect ;-)

  2. I keep meaning to try Pupatella since you mentioned it last time.. now I really have to go! so fun how they gave you the heart shaped pizza - too cute!
    I went to the outlets on Saturday.. I had some good finds! Hope you made out well..;)