Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tech Tuesday: New iPod

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I remember I bought my first iPod about 3 years ago. It was an 80GB iPod Video. Plenty of storage space to hold all my music wherever I went. About a year after that I got the iPhone 3G. I was up getting it on release day. The things that phone could do were fantastic! Now Apple has the iPod Touch line. In the past, there was nothing too special if one already had an iPhone. Now Apple has done a good job of enticing me.

If you think you're totally satisfied with your iPhone 3G or older generation iPod touch... then don't even look at this new iPod Touch. I say this, not because it's a bad device, but because its appearance and great display is enough to make anyone struggle to open their wallet fast enough! I got a chance to play with one in an Apple Store the other day and thought I'd share my thoughts.

Now that I've switched to Android for my phone, I still want to have some kind of iDevice that can run all my apps. That's why I kept my iPhone 3G. What does this new iPod Touch have over it? Well, for one, Speed. This thing is FAST. The more and more the App Store grows in popularity, the more intense the Apps are becoming. When I first bought my iPhone 3G it ran everything at blazing speeds. With all the new features that have been added to the operating system and to the Apps themselves, I notice things take considerably longer to complete tasks. The new phone handles apps that tend to load forever and just crash on my iPhone 3G. Not even just barely handle either. They run very quickly.

The most blatantly obvious enhancement of course is the screen. The display on the new iPod Touch falls just shy of the new iPhone, but still the best on any MP3 player out there. Everything looks crisp and sharp. Darks I noticed were a bit gray, but still an improvement over the screen on the previous generations and my old iPhone.

Another major feature is the new cameras. Apple is making a big deal about the video capabilty on the new iPod Touch. Toting a 720p video camera it supposedly takes pretty decent video. (Engadget) Stills are a completely different story. The camera, while 720p, is only 0.7 Mega-Pixels. That's pretty rough, but Apple is not saying much about this at all. I guess it's their theory that Video is the new Photo. This is especially true when it comes to the final new major feature. The front-facing camera.

The front-facing camera is used for Apple's new Face-Time software. This is the new video calling service that Apple has on their new iPhone 4 and now the new iPod (rumored to be on the next generation iPad as well). I haven't had a chance to use this myself, but I know that Face-Time is currently limited to use between users of these two devices. Thankfully 3rd Party developers like Fring offer cross-platform solutions to communicate with Android, and Nokia smartphones as well.

I would also like to point out just how thin this device was. I can't believe it really, it feels like it's half the thickness of my EVO! It's incredible that they were able to make it so small and light. This is also one of the reasons that its' been said the speaker was not that good of quality. Understandable though since it's mostly a personal media player. I imagine that the speaker is plenty good enough to hear your push messages and emails come in when it's sitting on the table.

All in all, it looks like a fantastic gadget. I consider myself frugal, but hopelessly addicted to gadgets. I need to justify any purchase.

Would I buy it? I haven't yet, I'm still hesitating since I still can't get rid of my iPhone (I use the GPS for run tracking), but I will probably be getting it anyway. It's just too dang cool!

Now, if I had... maybe an older iPod Touch? If the better screen mattered to me and I thought I'd use the video, then for sure. Also, the addition of a speaker, if the one you had before didn't have one, would definitely be a MAJOR selling point for hearing things like incoming video calls and emails. I'd probably go for it too. If you took good care of your current iPod Touch, you could probably recoup some of the costs selling it on Ebay or Craigs List as well.

*All images from Apple.com


  1. great review!
    My cousin just got one for her b-day and loves it so far!

  2. I SO need a new ipod!! I'm probably gonna break down and get this one. The only thing... I'm a runner and if I get caught in a rainstorm and it gets soaked it is gonna be ruined.

  3. Nice - looking forward to Tech Tuesdays. Just got my first smartphone (Droid 2) and loving it. How did I manage without internet at my fingertips?