Monday, September 6, 2010

Sorority Birthday Party

My dear friend, A (to the left of me), celebrated a very special birthday on Friday night. She finally turned 20 and was welcomed into her 3rd decade on Earth. 
Sister CJ and her BFF and roommate Em joined us for the festivities. I think it's awesome that my sister and I share friends. I don't know how spectacular she thinks it is, but it makes me feel special.
Me and all my girlfriends who finally got back to school this past week. You'll notice that the two of us on the end are a little out of place: we're working stiffs now and are still in our office attire.
My dearest friend, KLoots, decided to take candid photos during our "never have I ever" game, which turned into "I have" and then into "ballpark." I don't think I've been to a single event with these girls that hasn't involved "never have I ever." It's pretty much their favorite game.
Here I am trying to reason with K. "No more surprise pictures!," I say.
We're almost all ready.
Success! Aren't my sorority sisters so cute?! I'm so happy I got to celebrate A's big day with her.
And yes, the birthday girl caught me in an intense moment during "ballpark." I think the two girls next to me just lost.

Happy official Labor Day!  
Hope you eat a hot dog or hamburger this weekend. I've already had both!

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