Friday, October 29, 2010

Sister CJ's Halloween Bash

 Sister CJ invited us to her apartment for an early Halloween party. Steak and I dressed as Minnie and Mickey. Sister CJ and her roommate Em were both Taylor Swift and their other roommate M was Kayne West stealing the Moon Man from them!

I had such a great time seeing sorority sisters I hadn't seen in awhile and meeting some of our new pledges!

And reuniting with my fake sorority and fake little, KLoots.

Then we went to Sign of the Whale and met up with my high school friend, E, who I hadn't seen in five years!

Sister CJ and I thought it was nice having someone else with us from our small town so we did a few of our hometown cheers.

Hopefully everyone has a great Halloween weekend! Can't wait to show you our costumes for tonight. ;)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween House Party

Last year Steak and I hosted a Halloween party in our apartment. We served baked goods, candy, spiked cider and beer for the great group of people who stopped by. This year we plan to do it all over again and I canNOT wait. I love Halloween (and all holidays in general)!

Since I can't contain my excitement I wanted to share some of the photos we took last year pre-party destruction.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas List: Obsessed with CUSP

Adding everything from CUSP to my wish list, especially the pieces above. Click on the images for details.

Arlington Tweetup

Rachel from @NewsCat_in_DC and Scott of are hosting an old-fashioned (or new-fashioned, if you ask me) Tweetup! So if you want to meet Steak and I come out to Eventide in Clarendon this Thursday at 6pm.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Black & White Cookies

This Sunday my friend Ali and I got together to make a recipe she found on-line: black & white cookies. Growing up in New York, Ali's used to some amazing black & white cookies and wanted to recreate them here in DC.

We started out by making the giant cake-like cookies. While the cookies were cooling on the counter we began to mix together the confectioners sugar icing.

We tried to spread the white icing evenly on each cookie, but we're not super skilled yet, so some of the icing oozed off the cookies.

The last step was to take the rest of the white icing back to the stove to add the bricks of chocolate. Then back to spreading we went.

I think for amateurs we made some amazing cookies. And I have to compliment us because this was the most involved cookie recipe I've ever made.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend Recap: Disney Pre-Race

If you're keeping up with our Half Marathon trip, you know that we arrived in Florida late on the night of Friday, October 1. Then we woke up early to attend the race expo on Saturday, October 2 where we picked up our bibs. We held off on breakfast until 10:30 a.m. when we had a reservation to dine with the princesses at Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom.

We dined liked kings at the "All You Care to Eat" buffet. They brought out pastries, fruit, and orange juice to start and then we each ordered the All-American breakfast of hash browns, eggs, and sausage to finish.

When we arrived we took a professional photo with Cinderella (which is now hanging above our entertainment console) and received wishing stars.

While we were eating they announced the princesses one by one and they came around and greeted guests at each table.

Steak was quite the stud prince that day! All of the princesses wanted pictures with him. The picture with Sleeping Beauty was the only one I was invited into.

The castle is beautiful and everything you imagine it would be. At the end of our meal I got a couple of magic wands from our waiter to place wishes on my wishing star. They offered Steak a sword but he was worried about airport security.

After breakfast we ventured into Tomorrowland and got "fastpasses" for the new and improved Space Mountain roller coaster. While we waited for our time to go on Space Mountain we went and saw the comedy show at the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.

After we rode the roller coaster we took a moment to check out the Halloween decorations at the front of Magic Kingdom.

I love Halloween and Disney both so much it was really fun to see the holiday decorations for the very first time! In all my trips to Disney I've never been in October.

We left Magic Kingdom and went to meet my Aunt J, Uncle J and cousin M at Epcot World Showcase for the Food and Wine festival. They were so kind and bought me and Steak a gift card so that we could try all the food we desired. I didn't try any wine sadly, because our race was in a few hours, but I really enjoyed the festival and the time we spent with my family.

After our tour around the "world" we headed back to our resort for a much needed nap. Then off to the race we went!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Memories

Steak and I love Halloween. So much so that we painted our entire faces to be Star Child and Demon from KISS last year. Yea, we're that intense.

But honestly, I haven't been as creative in years past. With the pressure of school I usually tried to come up with something really quickly.

I lost a lot of my photos from freshman year and sophomore year, but I found this one picture from sophomore year. That year my roommates and I went as the four main characters in Mean Girls. We didn't do a very good job imitating the characters. I ended up being the only recognizable one of the bunch because I put the backwards K on my chest like Karen did in the movie. This costume came directly from my closet.

 Junior year I ended up with two costumes. I threw together a school girl outfit with my BFF to go to the Mya Halloween concert. Then over the holiday weekend I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. The only thing I bought that year was this red dress for $15 at Forever 21.

Senior year, I went back to my roots. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, yellow shoes and all. And for this one I bought nothing! I borrowed cat ears from my roommate and stapled construction paper on them to resemble Minnie ears.

But just wait for our Halloween costumes this year They're going to be amazing!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It will be mine!

The new 11.6 inch MacBook Air will be mine!

Dinner Time

On Monday night I was craving a simple homemade dinner. Steak and I had just picked up a freshly-made baguette from Giant and I wanted to make a meal that incorporated the delicious bread. So I decided to make angel hair pasta with a squash we had from the farmers market, some garlic bread and a salad.