Monday, October 18, 2010

Parents Weekend

Dad, Sister CJ, Sister CJ's roommates E and M, Steak, Legs, Mother

Every year my college hosts a "Parents Weekend" where they invite all the students' parents to come wine and dine and spoil their children. Because my sister went to the same school I went to, I've had the privilege of attending six Parents Weekends.

This was the very last Parents Weekend we will attend because sister CJ is officially a senior. We started the weekend at Farmers and Fishers at the Georgetown Waterfront.

Sister CJ's roommates and my mom got this ridiculous burger. Instead of buns the burger is sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches!

On Saturday me, Steak, Sister CJ and my mom and dad went to visit the Crime and Punishment Museum. I actually bought the tickets off of Living Social a few months ago. Our tickets were half-priced and we got a free pair of handcuffs!

Above is a photo of Sister CJ with the car Ted Bundy drove and below is a picture of my mother riding a police motorcycle.

This museum was WONDERFUL. It was so much better than the Spy Museum because it was way more interesting and had many more exhibits.

After we finished touring the Crime and Punishment museum we headed over to Filomena in Georgetown for some wine and delicious lobster pasta. 

All of Filomena was decorated for Halloween. I couldn't believe my eyes. Everywhere we looked there was something scary. Here I am with the scary butler.

After dinner we headed to campus to watch Jimmy Fallon perform. I've seen a lot of comedians perform and he was by far the funniest comedian I've ever seen. Much funnier than Robin Williams and Kathy Griffin and they're hard to beat!

Today we took a little jog around Arlington, visited the Genius Bar at Apple, went grocery shopping and went to an Irish pub to make my sister happy. It was a wonderful weekend and I'm sorry to see them go.