Friday, October 29, 2010

Sister CJ's Halloween Bash

 Sister CJ invited us to her apartment for an early Halloween party. Steak and I dressed as Minnie and Mickey. Sister CJ and her roommate Em were both Taylor Swift and their other roommate M was Kayne West stealing the Moon Man from them!

I had such a great time seeing sorority sisters I hadn't seen in awhile and meeting some of our new pledges!

And reuniting with my fake sorority and fake little, KLoots.

Then we went to Sign of the Whale and met up with my high school friend, E, who I hadn't seen in five years!

Sister CJ and I thought it was nice having someone else with us from our small town so we did a few of our hometown cheers.

Hopefully everyone has a great Halloween weekend! Can't wait to show you our costumes for tonight. ;)


  1. You ALL look great! Love the costumes!
    have a great weekend Jessica!!!


  2. Happy Halloween! Looking good as Mr. and Mrs. Mouse!

  3. So fun! You guys look soo cute!!