Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fiscally Responsible Retailers

I am quite pleased with myself today. After a month of hunting, I purchased the most gorgeous handbag to carry to the office. At the beginning of October I received the November issue of Marie Claire in the mail. I decided to throw it in my bag (my trusted green Longchamp) and read it on the metro while commuting to work. I was flipping through the pages of retail items on display (mostly priced in the 100s of dollars or even in the 1000s), when I came across a photo of a beautiful cross-body bag. I thought, well I'll never afford that! until I looked at the price: $45 from Aldo. 

Of course I immediately went on-line, but to my dismay it wasn't there! And after weeks of back and forth emails with corporate I was alerted that Pentagon City mall got a shipment of the bag on Tuesday night. Well, I picked it up last night and it lives up to my anticipation. Thank goodness someone's reasonable enough to sell a gorgeous handbag for under $50.

Cyphert, Aldo, $45

While I was on the metro this morning sporting my brand new bag (which, by the way, is waterproof) I saw the cutest girl sitting across the aisle and she had the most amazing boots I've seen all season! I couldn't help but stare below her knees at those magnificent boots! Well, as I was browsing through my Google Reader I came across this article from DC Ladies about this season's hottest boots. And there it was: a picture of the same boots I was coveting on the metro just minutes earlier. And guess what! They're from Target and are only $35! Could this day get any better?