Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tech Tuesday: 7" Tablets

So I missed my post last weekend so I'm actually covering something that is a bit "old" by today's tech standards. On the 18th Steve Jobs made a comment about 7" tablets being "Dead on Arrival." Steve made bold claims that 7" is far too small because screen elements would be too close together to touch anything. I find this unusual since several months ago he refused to release a phone with a screen larger than 3.5". I understand that his comment about 7" being too small is in reference to tablets rather than phones, but his argument that things would be too close to touch is crazy. Developers develop for different screen sizes. This is why the iPhone is perfectly usable at 3.5".

Now I get that Apple may not want to release a 7" tablet. It's easier for them to justify higher prices with a larger screen as well as just not wanting to deal with ensuring apps scale screen sizes properly. This doesn't by any means mean that a 7" tablet is "Dead on Arrival." Take the Galaxy Tab for example. Engadget just got a chance to review it and it looks awesome. As far as price goes it's priced about the same as the iPad so it really will come down to whether or not you want an Android or iOS device and whether or not you want the larger screen of the iPad or the more powerful specs and portability of the Galaxy Tab.

I haven't had a chance to play with a Galaxy Tab myself yet, but I look forward to it. Just another gadget to add to my ever growing list of things I want but can't afford.

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