Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tech Tuesday: Opera 11

So Opera just released the latest beta for their new browser today. I made sure to download it right away.

My first impressions: Sleek, Fast, Compact, and Cool.

I recently started using Chrome since it had such a lightweight feel to it over Firefox, but Opera feels just as light. Opera also has some new neat features such as mouse gestures (hold your right mouse button down and drag in a direction) and tab stacking (explained below).

The full list of features for Opera 11 are on their website. Everything works very well for a beta browser so far so I'd definitely recommend downloading it and trying it out!

There are a couple things that I'd like to see them implement. Like the ability to use Ctrl+Click to open a tab in the background as opposed to Ctrl+Shift+Click. Also, the new tab stacking is awesome! But... I'd like to have some settings to auto-stack tabs. Like with Ctrl+Shift+Click for example. It would also be a killer feature if you could have Opera auto-group tabs that were from the same domain or opened from links. Like, you open your browser and go to Google Reader, Reddit, and your Gmail. All the tabs opened from each of those websites would be grouped together. Just wishful thinking. I'm sure someone can do this with the new extension support it has like Firefox and Chrome.

I'm excited to see what the full release has in store!

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