Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 in Review: Visitors

Steak and I are so fortunate to have wonderful family and friends in our lives. Here's a quick look at all the visitors we've had in 2010.

1/21-1/24: my mom came to visit and we saw Kathy Griffin perform at the DAR

2/6-2/7: my BFF came and visited my apartment for the first time. She trekked through a snow storm to see me after she had a successful nursing school interview. :)

4/23: my Aunt J came to DC for work and took Steak and I to dinner

6/25-6/29: Sister CJ came to visit for the first time since she left for Ireland

  7/8-7/11: my mom came to visit and my dad shocked us both when he too flew to DC from ALASKA just to see us for a weekend

10/15-10/17: my parents came to town for sister CJ and my very last parents weekend at our college

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