Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jingle All the Way 10k

Last year when me, Steak, Sister CJ, and Sister CJ's sorority little went to Cox Farms, Sister CJ's sorority little, O, asked Steak and I to run a 10k race with her and her sister E. Steak and I had never run before in our lives (with the exception of the torturous mile in gym class each year). It was a big decision, but we decided to take O up on her offer and signed up for DC's Jingle All the Way 10k. The rest is history.

This year we did it again! And we shaved 2 minutes off our time. 
I didn't take any pictures at this year's race because it was just me and Steak this time and it was raining, but here are some photos from last year!

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  1. Nice work!! it looks like you had similar weather both years.. I really like the 2nd pic of you 2 :)