Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Memories of Birthdays Past

Ever since I've been with Steak, I've had some amazing birthday celebrations! I met Steak when I was 20 and 1/2 years old. So he was just in time to celebrate my 21st birthday with me. 

Steak didn't get to share my actual 21st birthday with me. He ended up coming the week prior to be with me for my sorority semi-formal and while he was visiting DC (he was going to school in IL at the time) he presented me with a beautiful Vera Wang necklace that his mother's best friend designed.

Although Steak wasn't with me for the actual day of my birthday, my best girlfriends were nice enough to take me out in a snow storm to my old favorite restaurant, Sequoia, and then bring me out for my first legal drink.


My 22nd birthday was no different, Steak couldn't be with me for my actual birthday, but was able to celebrate with me the week prior. That year we were preparing and saving for our first vacation together so we didn't exchange presents. Instead, Steak took me out to a lavish dinner at Cite.

My sorority semi formal was actually held on December 5th, so I celebrated the night away and had Happy Birthday sung to me at midnight by my entire chapter. I invited my friend BS as my date for the evening since Steak couldn't attend.

After Steak and I graduated from our respective colleges we moved in together. So, my 23rd birthday was the first birthday of mine that I actually got to spend with Steak. I spent the evening of December 5th at the Cheesecake Factory with my sorority family and then went home to meet up with Steak and BS before heading out to Georgetown to celebrate with two of my sorority sisters who were turning 21 at midnight. On the 6th, my actual birthday, Steak gave me a beautiful leather handbag and took me to my favorite DC restaurant, Urbana.


And this year was AMAZING! My 24th birthday was certainly my best birthday. I celebrated on Saturday with all my dearest friends. And of course it was wonderful because Steak was able to be apart of it! Can't wait to share more about my most recent birthday!

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  1. Aww, happy birthday!!! Looks like you've had lots of great celebrations over the years. Your new bag is gorgeous and so is that necklace Steak bought you for your 21st. Glad you had a great day!