Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chili Cook-off

Steak and I were invited to participate in a chili cook-off this weekend and we are flattered! I just ordered a gorgeous red portable Crockpot from Amazon to use on the big day. In the mean time does anyone have any amazing chili recipes? We're going to attempt to create our own recipe but will be looking for inspiration! Right now we're thinking about either a Cincinnati chili, a curry style, or a "island style" creation using some jerk seasoning!

Hope you have some good suggestions for us!


  1. HOW FUN!!! I love cook-offs!!! You guys are going to win:) My mom adds cinnamon to ours...sounds gross but it is amazing!! Keep us updated and post whatever you choose to make!

  2. I know you already had your cook off, but I'll email you a recipe that looks good that my sister in law JUST sent me today..She swears by it! :)