Thursday, January 20, 2011

Disney Dream Christening

I assume most of you aren't as obsessed with Disney as I am. I understand it takes a... special person. ;) 

Remember when I went on the Disney cruise in August? Well I sailed on one of Disney's two boats, the Disney Wonder. Up until this month Disney had two sister ships the Disney Wonder and the Disney Magic. I've sailed on the Disney Magic once and the Disney Wonder twice.

Well on January 26th the brand new and much larger (about 3x the size of the old ships) Disney Dream will set sail on its first cruise! And yesterday was its Christening! The Christening ceremony was beautiful (no, I wasn't there, just saw it on the internet) and Jennifer Hudson was dubbed the Godmother of the Disney Dream. Apparently she got her start singing on the Disney Wonder and apparently I saw her perform in Hercules when I was younger!

In 2012 the Disney Fantasy will set sail. The Disney Fantasy will be the sister ship of the Disney Dream, just like the Wonder was to the Magic. 

BUT before that happens, Steak and I will cruise on the Disney Dream! Our sail date is February 17th and I could NOT be more excited. If you ever have questions about sailing on the Disney cruise line let me know! I'm happy to answer. 

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