Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Steak and I are just about finished with our holiday travels and looking forward to starting the year off in our little apartment in Arlington. It will be a rough adjustment heading back to work after having such exciting adventures in Illinois and San Diego, but we (ok, me) are looking forward to getting back to our regular routine, which includes getting prepped for a February half marathon!

Cheers to all! I hope you had wonderful New Year's Eve celebrations and had a wonderful first weekend in 2011.


  1. We're doing a half marathon in Jacksonville, FL on 2/13 w/ a bunch of my extended family. The money raised goes towards breast cancer research. Should be a good time, but I'm not looking forward to getting beat by my aunts and uncles, so I better get in shape!

  2. Just found your blog and I absolutely love it! Happy new year and I'll be back :)!

  3. Happy 2011 to both of you! :)