Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Resolutions

It's that time of year again where I pledge to eat better, exercise more, become more fashionable, and drop 10 lbs. These are not goals that are unique to January, but it seems to be easier to stick to my fitness and healthy eating goals after a decadent October, November, and December filled with Halloween candy, huge helpings of potatoes, and Christmas cookies.

This year (along with my goals of vanity) I want to be the happiest person I can be and in order to do that I need to change a few of my personality flaws.

1) I need to learn how to say no without feeling guilty. 
2) I need to learn how to tell people when they've upset me instead of just running to Steak or my mother to vent.
3) I need to be more honest with myself about what makes me happy and what no longer does.
4) I would like to be more thoughtful and remember to send greeting cards, call friends to catch up and wish loved ones happy birthday.
5) I also want to make charity a priority and volunteer more.
6) Above all else I want to learn to forgive quicker, because life's too short!

What are your goals for 2011?


  1. Great goals! I'm famous for venting to boyfriend and mom and never saying anything to ppl who upset me, which they cannot believe since I want to be a prosecutor! My roomie didn't take the trash out all semester, and I asked her once to which she said no, and instead of calling her out I just took the trash out allll semester all the while complaining to boyfriend and mom!

  2. Learning to say "no" was the best thing I've ever done -- and believe it or not, once you learn that and learn how to honestly communicate with people, the 10 pounds just falls off. Happy New Year JJ!

  3. Those are some pretty thought-provoking resolutions. Especially the learning to say "no" part - I find that especially hard. Both with friends and with work, realizing that you control your own experience, and can say no when you need to!