Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Eve

Steak's grandmother, me, Steak's mom and little Mika.

 This year Steak and I celebrated New Year's Eve at his grandparents' house in San Diego. They served us a home-cooked Mexican feast complete with fried cinnamon tortillas and vanilla bean ice cream. We drank champagne at midnight and toasted to the new year.  It was neat to wish my friends and family a happy new year hours before it struck 12 in California. I felt like I had more time to enjoy the end of 2010 than anyone else!

 The party hat that I refused to take off the entire night.
Steak posing with the "Victor's Special," an alcoholic milkshake in a fancy glass.


  1. I could go for an alcoholic milkshake right about now and it's only 9am!

  2. An alcoholic milkshake??? I'll take two of those! Your New Year's sounds really fun and I love your party hat! Happy New Year!