Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hostess with the Mostess

Just a few more pictures from the amazing chili cook-off we went to on Saturday. Jenna is such an amazing hostess. Her home is beautiful, the appetizers were delicious and every aspect of the tasting was fun and whimsical. We felt so lucky to have been invited to such a successful event.

PS: I made a cameo on The Carlson Chronicles today.
PPS: I've had two nightmares in a row about our half marathon coming up in 10 days! 


  1. Yeah I'm giving you hostess of the year award and it' only the start of 2k11! I love those drink thingy's with the straw in it. What are those? Everything looks absolutely delightful the way you plated and set it up. And your blazer and jewelry are to die for!

  2. Thanks girl! Can't take credit for the hosting, though. That was Jenna from She's pretty amazing! As for the clothes and jewelry: all totally affordable at the JCrew Factory outlet! :D

  3. You may think I'm incredibly slow... but is Steak & Legs supposed to rhyme with "Steak & Eggs?"

    Or am I just projecting??

  4. You aren't projecting, that was the idea! When we were trying to think of a name I thought we should do something food related and make it silly. The first thing that came to mind was "green eggs and ham" and then "steak and eggs" and then I immediately thought of "steak and legs," thinking legs would describe some of my fashiony posts, which are now few and far between b/c I may not be as fashionable as originally thought. :D

  5. awww fun pics! love those anthro colorful bowls (i have some in red)

    p.s. I'm glad you're into tea now..isn't it fun?! and Northside is such a great spot for us to get some good teas! :)