Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vacation Recap: Jacksonville, FL

Now that we've gotten the giveaway underway let's start recapping our February vacation. As I said we spent 3 nights in Jacksonville, 3 nights in Disney and 3 nights on the Disney Dream cruise. So let's start from the beginning: the Jacksonville family reunion.

After what seemed to be an extremely long day at work on Friday, February 11th Steak and I headed to DCA to fly to Florida. My aunt and uncle had invited me and Steak to stay with them so I brought along some Crumbs cupcakes as a token of my appreciation. Of course the cousins ended up devouring them before my aunt and uncle got to try any. 

My uncle and dad picked Steak and I up from the airport and brought us to a hotel bar where my mom, Sister CJ, aunt and cousins were waiting for our arrival. We all reconnected while we waited for my dad's two sisters and their families to arrive from the Midwest.

Despite having been up late waiting for all the flights to land we woke up bright and early to watch my mom, dad, two boy cousins, and two aunts and uncles participate in a 5k race. They did so well! It was wonderful to be at a race cheering on my family.

 All the runners before the race.
 All the runners after the race.
My happy little family after the race.

After the race we all showered up and headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house where Steak and I were staying. My Aunt made tons of food for us and we ate like kings. Ten of us were preparing for Sunday's half marathon so our excuse was carb-loading.


My dad's entire family joined us. His mom was there along with his two sisters and one brother, as well as most of my dad's aunts and uncles. So what did we do? We put on matching t-shirts and took tons of photos, of course!

At the end of the night we celebrated my Uncle's birthday with a giant German chocolate cake. He was actually celebrating his birthday on the day of the half marathon, but the celebration got started a day early.

Come back tomorrow to hear how our half marathon went. And don't forget to enter our giveaway!


  1. I LOVE the hot pink hair!!! What a lovely thing to do as a family :)

  2. awww looks like such a great time! :)