Monday, May 9, 2011

Double Date at Cava

Steak was back in town this weekend, so I took the opportunity to schedule a double date with my girlfriend Ali and her boyfriend. We decided to go to Cava by Eastern Market since I had heard nothing but good things about their Greek cuisine. Cava will be coming to Clarendon later this year, but I couldn't wait to try the place that creates my favorite tzatziki sauce from Whole Foods. Ali and I both got the delicious sangria to start and then the four of us split 8 tapas ranging from the village salad to the lamb shank. Then Ali and her boyfriend split the baklava and Steak and I shared the donuts for dessert. I must say the donuts were the best treat I've ever eaten and I would probably request them for my last meal. I am extremely excited for the Cava in Clarendon to open so I can enjoy the zucchini fritters and the donuts any night of the week.


  1. awww so fun AND delicious! I love Cava. This is news to me about them opening in Clarendon - I'm SO happy to hear that. I feel like we end up spending our whole weekend in Clarendon lately.. haha

  2. Ooo I was just at Cava over Easter weekend. Did you guys try the flaming cheese? I was super impressed with that :-)

  3. Yes, we did! So delicious! :D